GradCafe Tracker

A simple program that can keep tracking new admission results on GradCafe.

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The program can keep tracking new admission results on GradCafe at a specified frequency (e.g., 5 mins). It will send you an email and let you know if there is an update on the application results.

Before you use the program, you need to set up the email accounts that will send and receive updates. I suggest you use Gmail as the sender email account. Before you set up the sender email, you need to go to and turn “Allow less secure apps” to ON for the sender account. There is no requirement for the receiver.

The program is still at early stage and may contain many errors. Welcome to fork and pull request from github to make it better.

How to use

Step 1: Clone or fork the repo to your local.

Step 2: Open a new terminal at your local repo folder

Step 3: Type “python”

Step 4: Set up initial parameters by following the instruction.


Gen Li
Zannoni Research Associate at Yale School of Management